ALZip Version 7.52 Free trial

File compression and extraction software program, supporting Zip files and other formats

ALZip is a compact application for compressing and extracting various compressed files formats. It's suitable both for the novice user and for your average computer wiz.
Using ALZip you'll be able to extract important information out of 36 file formats such as WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip and others. That's pretty much. You'll also be able to compress files into 8 different compressed files formats such as zip, tar, lhz and more.
In order to extract zip files, you don’t even need to launch the program, all you need to do is directly click on your zip file a single click, and presto, the extracted files will magically appear beside it. This saves precious time and saves users from annoying procedures.
The compression interface supports Drag & Drop and actually gets the job done quite quickly. Using it, you'll also be able to recover lost zip files' passwords and fully customize the software program and its interface.
All in all we're talking about quite an efficient compression utility that offers comprehensive compression and extraction capabilities.
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